Whether you want to film wildlife as a fascinating hobby, or are hoping for a career as a professional wildlife film-maker, this book and a basic camcorder are all you need to get started! Packed with information and advice acquired over years of teaching wildlife film-making, Piers Warren guides you through all aspects of making a wildlife film from choosing a camcorder to editing the final product.

Available as paperback, eBook or Kindle edition

Go Wild with your Camcorder

  • Selecting a Camcorder – different formats explained (including High Definition)
  • Other Useful Equipment – tripods. lenses, lights, microphones and more…
  • Subjects for Filming – in the garden, on holiday or on a special trip
  • Documentary Themes – how to choose a topic for your film – with numerous examples
  • Camera Techniques – handling, composition, shooting sequences, panning/tilting/zooming, cutaways, interviews and many other techniques discussed
  • Fieldcraft – how to be neither seen, heard nor smelt by the wildlife
  • Set Building – how to construct and use wildlife sets
  • The End Product – DVDs, web-streaming, television, showreels – the possibilities explained
  • Post Production – planning, editing, working with sound tracks, adding music and narration
“Go Wild With Your Camcorder is an excellent book to get you started in wildlife film-making. Very informative and easy to understand. Well structured from beginning to end and a joy to read. A must have accessory for your camera bag.”
Gareth Trezise – Wildlife Cameraman
Author Piers Warren is the Principal of Wildeye (International School of Wildlife Film-making) and author of Careers in Wildlife Film-making.

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