The Hatters Go West!
A hilarious children’s adventure novel for 8-12 year olds by Piers Warren

Maddie’s mum is missing – in fact she vanished a year ago, gathering mushrooms in the nearby woods. But when Maddie’s little sister disappears as well, in search of Mum, there’s no time to waste: Lupin (or Loopy for short!) must be found before she gets into trouble. But to make the situation even worse, the sisters have a dad who – though quite loveable – is completely round the bend!

Never quite sure what her crazy dad will do next, Maddie and her family set off on an amazing cross-country journey in their trusty old campervan, facing one adventure after another on the trail of some peculiar clues. Accompanied by an ever-growing menagerie of animals, including Mr Nose the Giant Anteater, Maddie comes across a bizarre cast of characters.

But will she ever find Mum?

“This book was a fantastic read and I recommend it to any younger readers who just want a subtle, easy but hilariously silly book”
Evening Post
“Brilliant! We couldn’t put it down.This is such a great book. Both I and my seven year old daughter Jasmine enjoyed it enormously. We laughed constantly throughout the story and looked forward to each new chapter with eager anticipation as the plot unfolded. Piers writes in such a way that each character leaps off the page and comes to life. We can’t wait to read more zany adventures about the Hatter tribe. I would thoroughly recommend this book to parents and children.”
Dani Maimone, Surrey
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