Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Healing in Cambridge - Michelle Bernard
Michelle Bernard (MNFSH, Tutor)

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E-mail: michelle.bernard64@gmail.com

What is Healing?
Healing (also known as spiritual healing and energy healing) is a natural process that promotes wellbeing and better health, through the channelling of healing energies from the healer to the client. It complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person—mind, body and spirit. The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, not just the physical, and the effects can be profound. It re-energises and relaxes the client to enable his/her natural resources to deal with illness or injury in the best possible way. It can be helpful in a wide range of physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional conditions. In addition to its value in relieving pain and restoring function, healing is also notable for initiating improvement in clients’ attitudes, clarity of thought, and quality of life.

This 9-day training course, spread over several months, offers healer training to national standards, giving a thorough grounding in channelling energy and healing practice. The Healing Trust (NFSH), established in 1954, is the largest healer membership organisation in the UK. For more information contact Michelle.

Tarot Readings
Michelle also offers tarot readings using mediumship. Please contact her for more information.

Michelle Bernard
Michelle Bernard is a full healer member and tutor for the Healing Trust/National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH). Michelle is based in Fulbourn, Cambridge. As well as her private practice, she also volunteers in local healing clinics.
Michelle also offers distant healing appointments. Please contact her for details.

The Healing Trust/National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH)
Healers who belong to the Healing Trust/NFSH complete a two-year comprehensive programme of training, practice and development as Probationer Members before they are eligible to be considered for Healer Membership. Healing Trust members are bound by a Code of Conduct, which sets standards for practising healer members and which acts as a reference on those standards for the public. All Healing Trust healers are insured for the protection of the public.
The Healing Trust/NFSH, established in 1954, is the largest Healer membership organisation in the UK. It is a registered charity established to promote public health by the promotion of spiritual healing for the benefit of the public. It has over 5000 members who are either qualified Healer Members or Probationer Members (healers in training). It develops and sets standards for healers which members must meet, and in conjunction with other organisations has set standards to be met by healers in a large number of different healing organisations.

Client Feedback
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'Michelle is very kind and caring; she is a compassionate and wise healer.'

'Michelle is an exceptional healer. I will arrive feeling unbalanced, run down or suffering health issues and then leave feeling restored and whole after the healing. Her gifted clairvoyance also enhances the experience, bringing me comfort and reassurance, and keeping me focused on the right path.'

Tarot Readings
'I have found Michelle's readings always absolutely accurate and she delivers them with great sensitivity and compassion. If I am at a crossroads in life or losing hope, Michelle's readings give me the spiritual counsel I need.'

'Michelle's tarot readings are insightful and incredibly accurate, drawing on her lifetime inner work and guidance, a deeply profound and heartfelt experience, thank you.'