Fabian is a member of the Zuni Pueblo Tribe of Zuni, New Mexico and is also part Omaha, Cherokee and French. He is the son of the late Dorothy Fontenelle Mahooty and Wells Mahkee and grandson of Eugene Fontenelle, who was Omaha and French, and Margaret Edaakie, who was Zuni and Cherokee. He is from a family of 4 brothers and two sisters

Fabian has been dancing ever since he was able to walk and comes from a long line of ‘family performers’. At present his sister, Antoinette, manages the ‘Zuni Rainbow Dancers’. This family dance group continues a tradition started by his grandmother, Margaret Edaakie who founded the dance troupe in the 1930’s to showcase Zuni culture in the United States.

They performed at the Chicago World Fair in 1937, where talent scouts for the Stand Rock Indian Ceremonial in Winsconsin Dells, Winsconsin watched them perform. As a result their dance troupe was contracted each year to travel to Dells, for well over 25 years to perform at the Stand Rock ceremonial. Margaret also known as ‘Laughing eyes’ was a very well known soloist, both native and classical. She delighted audiences and was a highlight of the Ceremonial singing her Zuni Lullaby’. Fabian’s family were also members of the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial and conducted traditional social dance shows

Fabian himself is an original member of the world renowned American Indian Dance Theatre. As a member of this dance troupe he has performed for world audiences in such places as Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Australia, Canada, and throughout the United states including Alaska and Hawaii.

Fabian was ‘adopted’ at a very young age by Ojibwa grandparents, Sam Frog and his wife Mamie, who were from Hayward, Wisconsin. When he was nine years old he was officially brought into the dance circle by his grandfather, Sam, who placed the first eagle feather in his roach.

Fabian designs, makes and beads all his own costumes. He drums and sings, is a traditional storyteller and he is a keen artist painting pictures of native dancers. However his favourite past time is working with and breaking horses

Fabian has a five year old daughter Shayni Ross with his wife Cassie Soldier Wolf, who’s family are members of the Northern Arapaho Wolf Society dancers. Fabian gives thanks to all the many good people that have given and shown him their utmost support. This has enabled him to grow to what he is today.

We are sorry to announce that Tim Spotted Wolf will not be able to be with us on this tour, and Charles Littleleaf will be coming to the UK instead. Tim has sent this message;

"Due to unforeseen health issues, I will not be able to visit you on the dates assigned me by the Sayana Wolf Trust. I regret this inconvenience and hope to visit in the future as my condition improves. Spirit teaches in many ways, not all of them are readily observed or understood. In my way of seeing this unforeseen event it has paved the way for my brother Charles Littleleaf and Vicky to visit you. I am honored that they will come in my stead. Enjoy them, they are kind and good people who walk the Rainbow road. Until we meet, Aka Toksha, Kola"

Tim Spotted Wolf"


"Always place yourself in the palm of the Creator in all that you do."

Native American, Charles Littleleaf, was born on the beautiful Warm Springs Reservation of Eastern Oregon, USA. With a Native heritage that reaches back to ancient times and to Mother Earth herself, Charles is one of the few full-blooded American Indians left on the American continent, following in the footsteps of his great people of the past.

Charles has shared his environmnetal teachings with children and adults in many situations and represented the land and his people within these teachings, traditional storytelling and through his music. He is a Flute Player and Recording Artist, a lecturer on American Indian culture and traditions, an educator of Native American peoples, spiritual advisor of the Plains Tribes, Traditional Dancer, teacher in all phases of traditional dance regalia of Plains Indians, and his abilities in art include; totem pole carver, bronze and stone sculpture.

Starting at very young age, he was taught the old and wise ways of his elders, along with strong traditional values. Absorbing these lessons deeply, it has been natural for him to step into the role of teacher to children and adults, both on and off the reservation. He has made numerous visits to schools in the western U.S. where he has inspired and enchanted children of all ages with his flute playing, stories of reservation life, and traditional Indian lore.

It was, perhaps, the day Charles picked up and played the Native American flute that he found his most articulate voice. The well-known Native American flute artist, R. Carlos Nakai, gave Charles his first flute. Charles quickly learned that playing from the heart and spirit, trusting his inner-self, was the way to use this instrument. His pure, authentic and inspiring music has now been heard around the world. Whispers of Earth Medicine, released in 1996, has deeply moved its listeners. His second recording, Ancient Reflections, soon to be released, is already in high demand. He has performed and recorded with other Native American artists, notably Karen Therese of Jai Café Productions, on the 1999 CD release, Heart of the Wolf. His live performances across the U.S. continent have mesmerized audiences.

Charles' talents are far-reaching. He has taught flute playing and traditional dance. He has been an inspirational speaker at rehabilitation groups. He has been an advisor in Native spirituality to those who have been guided to him. He has taught traditional Native craft; leather and bead work, wood and stone carving, and traditional Native skills; tracking, hunting, and tanning hides for clothing, a lost art. He is one of the founding members of the Mt. Tum-Tum Native American Encampment in Amboy, Washington. He is an award-winning multi-media artist, with a specialty in bronze sculpture and lapidary work.

In 1993, after studying with R. Carlos Nakai and Ken Light, Charles graduated with a Diploma from the Feathered Pipe Ranch, St. Helena, Montana. Now himself a recognised flute player and recording artiste, Charles says; ‘All of my songs derive from nature. Without nature and all that it represents, there would be no songs.’ Charles has been featured in many concerts in the USA which include; Oregon; Tillamook's Association of the Performing Arts. Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest, Portland. Mt. Hood Resort, Welches. Kah-Nee-Ta Resort, Warm Springs. Four Rivers Museum, Ontario. Warm Springs Museum. Warm Springs. Collage of Culture, Madras. Medicine Wheel Gathering, Alvord Desert, Southeastern Oregon. And at; Earth Day Celebration, Omaha, Nebraska. and Northwest Indian Art Show

This is Charles’ his first trip outside his Native America.