Bimini Shark Encounter

The following photos were all taken on the Shark trip in January 2006
(all photos © Piers Warren 2006 except where stated)

View from Sharklab


Before we know it we're in the water surrounded by Caribbean Reef and Blacknose Sharks
©Andy Currie

Caribbean Reef Shark
©Andy Currie

Handling young lemon sharks in the pens while Sam films

Catching a tiger shark

Tristan steadies the tiger

an old hook is removed

Doc feeds the pelican

Peli looks shy

spits the fish out and swims away

Kim filming in the shark pen

David films into the pen

Mike P in the lab

Juvenile lemon shark with information gathering I-Button attached to dorsal fin
©Chris Hansen

Demonstration of tonic immobility
©Chris Hansen

Catching a tagged lemon with gill nets

retrieving the nets

Doc - in control

a boa on Grant's head

Andy holds a young nurse shark in the pen

Tough as a nut!

A larger lemon is caught

and transferred to the pens

Then an even larger one is caught and placed in a makeshift tank in the banana boat

then it's high speed to the lab

and transfer to the pens

Gee - that Hammerhead must have been going fast...

Spiny Lobsters - shortly before cooking

The cuda-killers - truly scary

Sune's cuda

Mark prepares to film blacktips

waiting for the blacktips to come closer

Blacktip shark - Carcharhinus limbatus
©Andy Currie

Caribbean Reef shark
©Andy Currie

Sune filming destruction at Bimini Bay Resort
©Cheryl Carroll

Mangroves replaced by machinery and rubble
©Cheryl Carroll

One of the conches!

Sune becomes a pirate - when the chips are down

Yes - but is it art?

Gateway to hell?

Dean and Megan with one of the hammerheads (the grey shadow)

Dean attempts to hand-feed a Great Hammerhead
©Katie Grudecki

12 foot long Great Hammerhead
©Katie Grudecki

The smaller one...
©Katie Grudecki

Hungry hungry hammer
©Katie Grudecki

The whole crew

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