Conservation Film-making: How to make films that make a difference

Never has the time been more critical for film-making to help make a difference to the natural world. This book shows you how. By Madelaine Westwood and Piers Warren with a Foreword by Jane Goodall. A complete ‘how to’ guide, aimed at both film-makers and conservationists who want to use film as a tool for conservation. Covers all pre-production activities including how to raise funds. How to choose and use the filming equipment you need, plus a guide to post-production. Explores reaching audiences, organising screenings, using social media, monitoring effectiveness and ethical considerations.

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Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers’ Resource Guide

Now in its third edition. A complete tool-kit of information for all wildlife film-makers – established and newcomers. Listings of wildlife production companies, production services, stock footage and sound libraries, distributors, broadcasters/channels, location managers/fixers, film festivals/competitions, education/training, organisations, equipment sales/hire, publications/resources, freelancers and more, with contact details, weblinks and descriptions. Including answers to those all-important questions such as whether companies take people on work experience or consider co-productions, how to submit proposals etc. Invaluable information at your fingertips to save hours of trawling through the Internet and sending many emails.

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Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future

What does the future of wildlife film-making hold for us all? Whether you are a budding film-maker, an experienced amateur or a seasoned professional, this new book – an accompaniment to the hugely successful Careers in Wildlife Film-making – attempts to answer this question. As technology advances rapidly and viewers’ options increase, this book presents a unique collection of views and advice that make it an invaluable resource for everyone who wishes to succeed as a wildlife film-maker in years to come. With articles from many leading figures in the industry and case studies of numerous skilled practitioners.

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Careers in Wildlife Film-making

The essential book by Piers Warren, packed with guidance and advice for aspiring makers of natural history films. Described as ‘long-overdue’ and ‘much-needed’, this is not just an essential book for newcomers and wannabes – the fascinating case studies of well-known individuals, and unique discussion of the future of the industry from top professionals, make this an important read for those already working in the fields of wildlife, underwater and conservation film.

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Go Wild with your Camcorder – How to Make Wildlife Films

Whether you want to film wildlife as a fascinating hobby, or are hoping for a career as a professional wildlife film-maker, this book and a basic camcorder are all you need to get started! Packed with information and advice acquired over years of teaching wildlife film-making Piers Warren guides you through all aspects of making a wildlife film from choosing a camcorder to editing the final product.

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Black Shuck: The Devil’s Dog

A terrifying new supernatural thriller by Piers Warren set in the village of Blakeney on the North Norfolk coast.

For centuries Black Shuck has patrolled the coastal paths of Norfolk – a spectral portent of death. But now the phantom dog is evolving into something altogether more horrifying. Gaining strength and powers by the day, Shuck has developed a gruesome appetite – a hunger he sets out to satiate …

Wildlife film-maker Harry Lambert needs a serious rest. His best friend is dead, his wife has left him and his career is on the rocks. A spot of bird-watching on the Norfolk coast should help … but when Harry stumbles into Black Shuck’s territory, the hellhound finds the victim it was hunting for …

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