Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future - The new book from Wildeye exploring the future of the wildlife film-making industry. Featuring contributions from many leading wildlife film professionals. Edited by Piers Warren (Wildeye Principal), Foreword by Neil Nightingale (BBC NHU)

Wild Pages 3
The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide - Third Edition
Edited by Jason Peters and Piers Warren

Terms and Conditions for a Wild Pages Entry

Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide is a Wildeye Publishing project started in 2011 to assist, inform and connect the wildlife film-making community worldwide.

By submitting an entry for publication, you agree to the terms and conditions detailed below.

You must be fully aware of the fact that personal details and any other information supplied, which are consequently published in this Wild Pages edition, will be available in the public domain for all to see.

Terms and Conditions

Please be aware that by submitting your details to us for publication in Wild Pages, you agree to the following:

All information supplied for inclusion in your listing will be published and therefore made publicly available through Wild Pages, in print, Kindle and eBook (pdf) versions and potentially through other associated sites... Wildeye.co.uk, Wildlife-film.com, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Vimeo and YouTube etc.

Therefore, be mindful when supplying your information to make sure you only supply that which you are entirely happy with being available to the general public, worldwide.

If you have any concerns whatsoever, please make sure they are made known to Wildeye Publishing. (We are happy to limit the amount of information available publicly and you can tick a box that will limit your address to just town/city and country on the application form.)

The publication of your personal details are made entirely at your own risk and Wildeye Publishing and the editors take no responsibility for any and all consequences of such publication.

Wildeye Publishing/the editors do not attest to the truth or accuracy of the details, any statement of fact or opinion given in the listings.

Wildeye Publishing reserves the right to refuse, amend or remove a listing, if it is deemed inappropriate for whatever reason, at our discretion.

Wildeye Publishing reserves the right to refuse or cancel an application for listing/inclusion at our discretion, without explanation.

Wildeye Publishing will not be liable for any loss or damage (howsoever caused) arising out of the employment or hire of any freelancer or organisation listed in Wild Pages.

All users of the information/contacts provided in Wild Pages and associated sites do so strictly at their own risk, and on the understanding that Wildeye Publishing provides no warranty as to the competence, conduct or suitability of any of the people/organisations listed.

Once the final deadline for submitting entries has been reached, amendments to listings cannot be made. Any errors, either submitted by the contributor or made by the editors, cannot be rectified once published. No recompense will be offered or given on request in the case of errors found in listings.

Logo and advertisement fees are payable once and run for the duration of all prints of the same edition.

Logo and advertisement fees are non-refundable once published.

Deadlines for Wild Pages 3

Feb 1st submissions open.
April 30th – Deadline for submissions, logos and ads.

Logos/Ads Costs

Logo/Photo: 50 each.


Back of book:
1/4 Page: 150
1/2 Page: 250
Full Page: 400

Full Page Dividing Sections: 500

Full Page at Front of Book: 750

Invoices must be paid within 30 days of the issue date. We will add 4% to the total owed if paid by credit card/via PayPal, to cover PayPal fees. No additional charge for BACS transfers or Cheques.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel an application at our discretion.

Any queries to Jason on wildpages@wildeye.co.uk

Wildeye publishes information and opinions as a service to its customers and visitors/readers.
The editors do not recommend or endorse any particular person, method, institution, product, treatment, or theory.
Opinions expressed in WIld Pages are not necessarily those of the editors.

First Edition:
Wild Pages 2012/13

Second Edition:
Wild Pages 2014/15

Third Edition Cover being Designed!

Email: wildpages@wildeye.co.uk

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