Black Shuck, ghost story, north norfolk black dog, hellhound
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Shucky Reviews

"Bolt the door and read the book"
Eastern Daily Press

"A terrifying journey through raging storms and violent deaths on the north Norfolk coast"
Norfolk Magazine (Book of the month for November 2011)

"The legend of Black Shuck is part of our folk heritage, told here by a master storyteller and
stirring long-forgotten fears. At some points you will be too scared to turn the pages ...
but please do so for the sake of Harry, the charismatic hero ..."
Joan Deitch

"A truly unique book and one that takes the Reader on a journey through the very real mysteries of the
English countryside - I challenge any Reader to remain cool and calm by the last page - it is terrific."
Tania Cheslaw, In-Scribe

"Evocative descriptions of the North Norfolk coast ... powerful word pictures ... a memorable climax, and some believable characters colouring the tale ... a good read, and an encouragement to look for paw prints in the sand"
Pagan Dawn

"This suspenseful and tautly paced supernatural thriller is an impressive debut by new fiction author Piers Warren. ... Warren creates a cracking read where the lines between what’s real and what’s dangerously not believed are often blurred. Each chapter is a slow drip feed towards the climactic battle between our hero and the elements, one epic in size and effect and the other, an oversized red-eyed monster that has killed its way to confront the hero ... A perfect holiday read, especially if you’re visiting north Norfolk… "
Alan Miller

"This story moves along with all the pace and action of a classic Dick Francis thriller.  The author clearly knows the area well, and really brings alive the north Norfolk coast.  Once I picked up this book, I simply could not put it down; the story entrances the reader and draws one on from page to page, as the tale unfolds.  The modern-day twists to a local ghost legend bring the story bang up-to-date.   Having read this, no black dog will ever seem the same again….
Quite simply, the best book I have read in a long time.
Bryony Walker

How to review this compelling read, without spoilers? The plotting is so deftly-crafted that everything, right from the outset, seems to feed into the tumultuous climax. The cover-image acknowledges Shuck's kinship with `Hound of the Baskervilles' but Warren offers so much more here: an extraordinary solidarity and sense of landscape (Norfolk), a spectrum of intriguingly-flawed characters, lashings of satanic suspense, and a `lady in red' who will have Chris deBurgh fans barring their doors in terror.
Don't be fooled by the gentle, nature-oriented start: this is a relentlessly `wild' life tale. Wind and weather are masterfully evoked, operating like characters - malignant ones - in their own right. And the canine `Black Shuck' myth, upon which Warren grows his gruesome grafts, has its roots in centuries of authentically spooky folklore.
Each one of these 290+ pages shouts `cinematic' and it's no surprise to find out from the author's website that he leads a double life as a film-maker. Though Warren's authorial `voice' is thoroughly British, the battle for movie-rights will surely be won the other side of the pond - so cast it mentally, as you read, with Hollywood stars who can really handle slow-burning English menace. I trust Piers Warren has a sequel in the pipeline: this novel left me transfixed.


Discovered by lucky happenstance Black Shuck had me hooked from the very first chapter. A true page turner it had me desperate to learn what the next offered, and left me yearning for the North Norfolk coastline though fearful of large pawprints in the sand. My favourite book of the year.
Alison Drakes




Black Shuck, ghost story, north norfolk black dog, hellhound

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Black Shuck, ghost story, north norfolk black dog, hellhound